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Guangdong DANNICE Refrigeration Technology Co., LTD

歡迎訪問Guangdong DANNICE Refrigeration Technology Co., LTD

The company's "Danes" brand, covering the temperature control equipment products and business mainly include: explosion-proof chillers chiller Chiller quotation-1, screw chiller, 2, explosion-proof frequency chiller, 3, air cooled scroll chiller, 4, water cooled scroll chiller, 5, falling film chiller, 6, die temperature machine, 7, low temperature chiller, 8, cooling tower cooling oil machine and other products, smart factory constant temperature and constant pressure cooling water system, plant space cooling, refrigeration engineering construction, etc., applied in chemical industry, Rubber and plastic, electroplating, food, pharmaceutical, grinding and stirring, new energy and other fi...更多公司情況>>


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